Development Achievements

Masingita Towers, Gauteng

Masingita Towers is a residential development in Morningside, Sandton comprising 15 storeys with 174 apartments.

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Ingagane Power Station, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Ingagane is a decommissioned power station. The rights have been negotiated to use a portion of the buildings for a distillery.

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Dobsonville Shopping Centre, Gauteng

One of the first shopping centres built in Soweto. It is to be upgraded and extended to meet the growing trends in retail shopping patterns in the area.

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Baragwanath Ext.2, Gauteng

This is a local business centre currently being developed to the south-west of Johannesburg.

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Riverside View, Gauteng

The potential of this development site increases as Steyn City grows. It is well positioned for residential development to take advantage of the proximity of the riverside nature provided by the Jukskei River.

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LISOF, Gauteng

The incorporation of a fashion school into an existing office building has led to the upgrade not only of the building, but of the park area in front of the building to the benefit of the suburb of Blairgowrie.

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Farm Reydal, Gauteng

The development of agricultural related activities on a farm portion and support infrastructure while retaining its primary function as a viable farm in Mogale City.

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Township Developments

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Township development projects which we have recently been working on include:-

  • Greengate Ext.35 - a combination of high density residential and industrial/business uses.
  • Reitfontein Manor (North-West) - a mixed use development with commercial, educational and residential land uses combined.
  • Wolhuter Manor (North-West) - integrates with the adjoining suburbs of providing retail, residential, a filling station and truck stop.

Strategic Planning Projects

Mixed-use Development,
Francistown, Botswana

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Masingita Towers

Full analysis and proposal for development of a mixed used area in Francistown, Botswana on a 946,576ha vacant development site.
(In collaboration with AVG Architects)

Nambot Railway Projects,

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Feasibility studies on the proposed heavy gauage rail corridor between Botswana's mining and industry areas and Namibia's ports.
(In collaboration with AVG Architects)

Power Tower Project

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Proposed renewable energy solution which aims to improve Botswana’s self-sufficiency in energy by potentially generating 250MW.
(In collaboration with AVG Architects)