Site Specific

Planning applications

  • Township Establishments
  • Rezonings
  • Removal of Restrictions
  • Excision of Agricultural Holdings
  • EIA Exemptions
  • Consent Uses for example:_
    Places of Public Worship, Places of instruction, Schools, Crèches Social Halls, Institutions,Special Buildings, Residential Buildings, Sport and Recreational Clubs, Public or Private Parking areas. Medical Consulting Rooms and other consents as specified in the Town, Planning Scheme depending of zoning or conditions of establishment.
  • Subdivision and Consolidation
  • Road and Park Closure
  • Lease of Council Land
  • Site Development Plans
  • Representation at Appeals and Hearings.

Local Plans

  • LDO for Sunninghill
  • Socio-Economic and Traffic Analysis for Newton
  • Feasibility studies for Optimisation of land
  • Planning and Transport input for the Development Framework for Ikwezi Station
  • Urban Design Plan for Nugget Square, central Johannesburg
  • Broadacres: Contextual Analysis and Concept Plan.

 Project Facilitation

  • Strategic for incorporation of hawkers into stations in Soweto
  • Testing of acceptability of hawker stands,
  • Code of conduct for rail committee
  • Acceptance of modernised coaches through Public Involvement.

 Strategic Plans

  • Socio-Economic
  • Physical and Transport Planning input to Framework
  • Study for the upgrading of the Soweto Railway Station,
  • Status Quo Study for Orange Farm : Planning and Transport.
  • Francistown: From design concept of mixed land use strategy to incorporation and detailed subdivision of 1 000 ha Francistown, Botswana.
  • Nambot Railway: Promotional concept plan for western link from Botswana through Namibia to Walvis Bay for rail link, Nambot Railway.
  • Power Tower Project: Energy promotion concept to support employment growth centres generated by new industrial/commercial initiatives around the power tower initiative.
  • Angola: Strategic Planning concept for extension to existing and new town proposal for tender documents for submission to Department of Public Works and Housing.
  • Construction: Research into use of “Fly Ash” for construction purposes